Children of the gods

Our visions of the future aren’t really up to speed anymore. Old SF books, talking about the year 3000 or more might actually be talking about about 2050. Or closer. We can’t actually envision how the future will look in 200 years because we are speeding towards the future at an insane speed. And I love it.

But that’s not the point. I think the ancient Greek gods (or Norse, Egyptian etc) are the closest representation to what the actual gods actually are. Human. Look at any description of ANY god and you’ll see it for what it is: human. And old gods are the most human of all, with all the flaws and traits of actual humans. But, there’s one thing that humans don’t have and gods do, right? Power! The power to change the earth, the power to destroy the world or to cure the ill, the power to create items at a whim or change led into gold. We made the gods because we were powerless and they controlled the heavens, made them because we were ignorant and they had all the answers, made them because the world was unfair and they had justice in their hands… It’s funny but we’re getting there quite soon. It still may be a few hundred years, but we’re getting there. We’ve already gotten most things right and we’re gonna do the remaining soon enough.

So, my question is this:
What will the gods have to offer us when we will want for nothing? What miracles will the gods have to show when we will be able to travel among the stars at will? What power will the gods have to scare us with when we will be able to stand as their equals or even their superiors?

It there are any gods, we are clearly their sons. We rose from mud, went through darkness and will go on to a brighter future and do things even the gods themselves won’t be able to imagine. We are better than any god because our place is earned, not by birth. The time of gods is ending, slowly dying with each day. They should enjoy what’s left of it as long as it lasts. It’s as inevitable the rise of the sun. I am only sorry that I might not live to see such a beautiful world.

Michio Kaku said something like this: “To the people living 200 years ago, we would look like magicians. To us, however,the people living 200 years in the future would look like gods.”

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